A Poem for Hallowe’en

It’s that time of year – for some autumn foraging, witches and Hallowe’en.  I love foraging, – it certainly gives purpose to a walk even if you don’t find anything! This year, I have found plenty of blackberries, and I thought I would start this blog by giving you the address of my friend JudyContinue reading “A Poem for Hallowe’en”

Something you don’t know about Snow White

In some ways, it seems to me that Covid-19 is like a monster. Many of us are afraid of it and it has certainly changed our behaviour. A lot of us miss something from our previous lives, and some of us miss a lot of things. Do let me know if there is something youContinue reading “Something you don’t know about Snow White”

A Dinosaur Riddle related to my book HERBIE AND THE T. REX

Hello!  I hope you’re out there, – it would be nice to hear from you. It is impossible not to think about Covid-19, which is why I put up lyrics about it last time. (Wish I could sing, but I can’t…) Dinosaurs are very much in my mind, because my new book, HERBIE AND THE T.Continue reading “A Dinosaur Riddle related to my book HERBIE AND THE T. REX”