Moses and the Bulrushes

When I was a baby boycradled in the water,someone robed came down to batheit was the Pharaoh’s daughter. She sought a cleaner, purer pathshe hated palace ways.She wanted to renew herself,live simply all her days. “Oh look,” she said, “right over therea charming little boat.It must have something in itfor it’s low, but stays afloat.”Continue reading “Moses and the Bulrushes”

A Day in my Life (I’m a fox)

You don’t like me – even my beautiful fur, which is so warm, is out of fashion! Some of you people don’t like me because I kill animals, wild animals like rabbits, but also your animals. As many as possible. I can always hide them for later. You never know. This evening, I went huntingContinue reading “A Day in my Life (I’m a fox)”

The Tortoise and The Hare

Running is no earthly use,this tale will clearly show.Unless you’re up and leave on timeand have the oomph to go! Miss Tortoise and our Mr Hareonce set out on a race.“I think I’ll win,” Miss Tortoise saidI think I’ll get first place.” “You’re barking mad,” said Mr Hare.“Dear girl, you must be ill.If you’re unwell,Continue reading “The Tortoise and The Hare”

Rhyming Hallowe’en Poems for You

(Four nights before Hallowe’en) Some witches really like the lighta full and shining moon.They dance and hop with piercing shrieksHallowe’en is soon! Others really like the dark.A starless night brings fear.The witches are a-stir at last,Hallowe’en is here! People like a barbecue.a picnic out at night.For that, it’s better if the moonis clear and shiningContinue reading “Rhyming Hallowe’en Poems for You”

The octopus, dolphin, jellyfish, lobster and The Boy

No animal of any sort can live without water. Perhaps that’s why life started in the water. And perhaps that’s why a lot of people love the water and like to live near a sea, a lake, or a river. This is a story about an octopus, a dolphin, a jellyfish, a lobster and aContinue reading “The octopus, dolphin, jellyfish, lobster and The Boy”