April Update: School visits and new book and La Fontaine!

Hello everyone! How are you?  For me, the month has rushed by. I have done a couple of virtual visits to schools. Not the same as a visit in person, and without the buzz of direct interaction, but the children seemed to like it!  I have some more visits planned after the School holidays. IContinue reading “April Update: School visits and new book and La Fontaine!”

A Winter Story from the Auvergne

Hello everyone! I’m so glad that so many of you are using the worksheet activities linked to my books. They are all available on this site and I should be adding more in the near future. If you have any feedback, please let me know via the contact form or via email. We have had aContinue reading “A Winter Story from the Auvergne”

What going to School was like – a century ago

Sometimes the differences between people and peoples are striking.  A French friend emailed me to congratulate me on some good news: then he went on to say that his favourite wild mushrooms were over, but he hoped that with the new moon, they would soon be plentiful again. No English friend of mine has everContinue reading “What going to School was like – a century ago”