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Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore’s many years of experience as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, and as a mother and grandmother, has helped her produce books which children love. Charlotte loves dinosaurs and animals – they are so interesting! And Charlotte really enjoys rhymes and riddles!

Charlotte’s books, WHO AM I?, MORE ANIMAL RIDDLES, and RIDDLES FROM THE SEA (published 2021) combined her interest in animals, with her love of rhyme and riddles. Charlotte’s new riddle book, RIDDLES FROM THE AIR is in press. Charlotte is also very excited about her other book in press,


Her book HERBIE AND THE T. REX is the start of a dinosaur world, where the different dinosaur characters each deal with the issues confronting them in their own way. All of Charlotte’s books are designed specifically for children up to the age of 11 (the riddles books) and about 9 (Herbie and the T. Rex) but are popular with many children as well as adults!

Charlotte enjoys ice dance and the piano as well as going to schools to do author visits. She has been to over 50 schools and libraries! Charlotte is now beginning to go to events in France. She is currently liaising with bilingual schools in Paris and in Clermont Ferrand.
For remote presentations in schools or in children’s or adult book clubs, please email Charlotte via the contact page. Charlotte has been to lots of Schools and has some great activities which children and adults enjoy!