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Here are the latest updates from Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore. This will include new stories posted, news about new books, extra riddles and other work that Charlotte has created.

Noah’s Ark

This is my version of the Bible story authenticated by Senior Rabbi Emeritus Dr. Abraham Levy, PhD., and by Dayan Daniel Kada, LLB from the Sephardi Beth Din and Rabbi of Lauderdale Road Synagogue. The Lord Ha Shem made all the earthand everything thereon.But men and women were so badHe wished His work was gone.Continue reading “Noah’s Ark”

Royalty or Not

Some of you may know the story about the Princess who had a pea put under her mattress in order to see if she could feel it. (She could.) Anyway this princess was very lucky because she didn’t marry a silly prince who had people squeeze toothpaste out for him and that kind of thing.Continue reading “Royalty or Not”


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