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Here are the latest updates from Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore. This will include news about new books, extra riddles and other work that Charlotte has created.


When you’re in the country, in the grass or in a wood, I may be there, waiting ,to catch my lunch – oh that I could! If your arms or legs are bare or you’re walking in a dress, my task will be so easy, – just a doddle, more or less! For I’m a lovely jumper, andContinue reading “WHO AM I?”

A Seaside Song

Hello! Yes, it’s time for my blog! (I had forgotten about it, but fortunately someone reminded me!)  The sea and the oceans have been much in my mind. Partly, because my next book is RIDDLES FROM THE SEA, partly because I have been working on an activity called Why the Oceans are Important to goContinue reading “A Seaside Song”

New video of riddles!

Here is a video that I recorded reading 2 new riddles that aren’t in my books. The answers appear at the bottom of this page in white so just highlight the text to find out what they are! I look forward to sharing more riddles with you soon.


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