News and Events

School & Library Events, 2023

Please contact Charlotte via the contact page or via e-mail if you want to book a school visit. Charlotte also has some free downloadable activity pages available on the website. These worksheets are validated by the Children’s University.

You can find reviews of both Charlotte’s books and author visits here.

Events and Festivals

Events & Library Events, 2023

Essex Festival – Midsummer Madness, Cresssing Temple Barns, June 25, 2023

Ingagestone & Fryerning Junior School (date being arranged)

St Alban & St Stephen Catholic Primary School (autumn date to be arranged)


If you like riddles, you’ll be glad to hear that Charlotte’s next book, RIDDLES FROM THE AIR, is now in press. Charlotte tells us that she likes this book because we don’t know enough about the creatures that live in the air and why they matter to us…. She likes riddles, because asking questions is one of the things humans are better at than animals… Another book is also in press: TREES IN THE TIME OF DINOSAURS – about the trees which lived with the dinosaurs and are still here… many people find this very interesting…

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