News and Events

School & Library Events, 2022

Please contact Charlotte via the contact page or via e-mail if you want to book a school visit. Charlotte also has some free downloadable activity pages available on the website. These worksheets are validated by the Children’s University.

You can find reviews of both Charlotte’s books and author visits here.

Events and Festivals

Ark Burlington Danes Academy (date being arranged)

Alec Reed Academy Primary School, Northholt, October 13, 2022

Petworth Festival, October 29, 2022

Avenue Nursery & PrePrep School, Highgate. November 22, 2022

Seaford Primary School, November 28, 2022


Charlotte’s new book of riddles, RIDDLES FROM THE SEA, came out in November, 2021. Charlotte tells us that she likes this book because the creatures that live in the sea are so interesting, and because the seas are so important to us….

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