Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore’s third book, is a new departure for her into the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Charlotte says that her interest in dinosaurs springs from what they have in common with us, – for some were bipeds, and the fate of all hinged on climate change – which was completely beyond their control, just as Covid-19 is beyond our control. After many years of NHS work, Charlotte is donating all royalties from HERBIE AND THE T. REX to the NHS.

Who Am I?
A Book of Riddles

In Who Am I? A Book of Riddles author Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore has produced a delightful child’s bestiary in verse form. Designed to be read aloud, there are thirty-five poems of five verses each, in which different characters of land, sea and air are depicted, by turns humorous and quirky. In a sixth verse, which is refrain, the young listener is invited to guess the identity of each. 

More Animal Riddles
Who Am I?

Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore has penned a book of brain-teasers easy enough for children to read, but not too hard for them to guess. What a gift to parents with bored children to amuse, restless children to keep quiet or with sleepless children with bogeymen to banish. For this is her latest book of riddles for them to solve, and to learn while they have fun. (Clue: they don’t have to be animal lovers, but it helps.)

Herbie and the T. Rex

A dinosaur story with all the hallmarks of a bedtime classic plus a modern twist! Meet Herbie and his dino friends; but watch out, a terrifying T. Rex is creeping about! A beautifully illustrated story about friendship that children and adults will find fascinating.

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Her ebook is available from Audible.

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