Four Dinosaur and Plant Riddles

Here are 2 dinosaur riddles and 2 plant riddles for you. The plants were around at the same time as the dinosaurs. This is the first dinosaur riddle. I really was enormous,too big to hunt at all.That was a great advantage though my brain was very small! My eggs were buried for their sakeI didn’tContinue reading “Four Dinosaur and Plant Riddles”

Rapunzel and the Wicked Witch

Rapunzel was bewitched before you were born, and has been living ever since with a Very Wicked Witch.  She didn’t like this much, – most girls would rather not live with a wicked witch – but she had no choice.  This is what happened: whenever Rapunzel went outside to run away, either there was aContinue reading “Rapunzel and the Wicked Witch”

Riddle from my newest book!

The following riddle is taken from my forthcoming book, Riddles from the Sea. I’m so excited to be publishing another book on riddles after the tremendous success of the first two. The answer to this riddle will be published next month. I have no waist, I’m tapered,fat helps me keep afloat.I’m a mammal and aContinue reading “Riddle from my newest book!”

How Odin got his Wisdom

A new version of an old story written by Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore The Norsemen lived long ago, roughly half way between the time of Jesus and today. They mostly came from the countries that are now part of Scandinavia, which is now rich, but was then very poor. Most people, except the Kings and jarls orContinue reading “How Odin got his Wisdom”