Four Dinosaur and Plant Riddles

Here are 2 dinosaur riddles and 2 plant riddles for you. The plants were around at the same time as the dinosaurs. This is the first dinosaur riddle.

I really was enormous,
too big to hunt at all.
That was a great advantage
though my brain was very small!

My eggs were buried for their sake
I didn’t squash and mind them.
But oh alas, there were some times
when others used to find them!

You see my little babies
were few who did survive.
Most were eaten up as eggs
before they were alive!

A herbivore is what I was.
My mouth had munchy jaws…
Most of me was neck or tail
I hadn’t any claws!

The reason why my neck was long,
and my tail just the same….
I had to keep my balance, see,
Now tell me what’s my name!

Now that you have listened,
which dinosaur am I?
It’s even better if you add
some of the reasons why!

This is the second riddle, – a plant riddle, this time.

We had to protect ourselves,
we were here with dinosaurs.
Some wanted, yes, to eat us up
for some were herbivores!

That’s why we are so prickly,
spiny, if you prefer,
in order to protect ourselves
from a predator!

Our shape is most unusual,
you might say we are limber.
In Chile we are widely used
for our lovely timber!

I can live a thousand years,
a slow grower, that is me.
My bark is brown and very thick,
my seeds, protein for free!

We don’t want any monkeys,
I tempt birds, and squirrels too.
Riddles are a puzzle:
that’s a hint for you!

Now that you have listened,
What kind of tree am I?
If you don’t know don’t worry
I’ll tell you, that is why

Here is the third riddle….

Herbivores, with little teeth,
cousins to the stegosaurus,
But we lived in Cretaceous times,
we’d plenty going for us!

My armour, like a crocodile’s,
was really very tough.
When fearsome carnivores attacked,
oh it was tough enough!

My tail was like a baseball bat,
It hit out, very strong!
It broke the bones of predators,
they didn’t stay there long!

I never was a runner,
I tried not to be caught.
I was stable and I might dig in,
my legs were rather short.

The carnivores tried very hard
to flop and turn me over,
eat my tender underside
and find themselves in clover!

Now that you have listened,
which dinosaur am I?
It’s even better if you add
some of the reasons why!

And this is the fourth, and final, riddle….

I cannot stand the cold and north
though I am an evergreen!
I much prefer the warmer south
and a lovely beach-side scene!

When we’re young, we like the shade
it protects our leaves and fronds
you can find us in oases
where there’s water, lakes and ponds!

We can have poisonous fruit
or it can be tasty like a date.
Find out before you eat us,
or it could be too late!

Careful when you cut my leaves,
they could suffocate you!
I could press your head upon your chest
as if I loathe and hate you!

Some of us make biofuel,
and oil for medication
but your farming practices
may yield deforestation!

Now that you have listened,
What kind of tree am I?
If you don’t know don’t worry
I’ll tell you, that is why

I’ll tell you the answers to these riddles next month. It’s bye for now! from Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore. I’ll be here early May, and I hope you will be too!
If you want the audio version, press the link below:

Published by Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore

After many years working as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, I became an author. My years as a mother and grandmother gave me plenty of practice telling children stories. I have become very interested in dinosaurs and animals, and I really enjoy rhymes and riddles!

3 thoughts on “Four Dinosaur and Plant Riddles

  1. Thanks very much, Charlotte.

    Out of curiosity I have accepted your invitation and followed your various fascinating and evocative riddle trails – not got all the answers right – yet! And will read your stories later.

    As requested I have passed your post onto a few of my family and friends with youngsters of an age that I believe your stories are aimed at – 3 to 9/11, yes?


  2. Wonderfully imaginative riddles Charlotte, which are full of useful information and lovely descriptions to excite a young reader or listener.
    I will pass them on to Sarah, who has friends with children of varying ages, who I am sure would be interested.


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