Rhyming Hallowe’en Poems for You

(Four nights before Hallowe’en)

Some witches really like the light
a full and shining moon.
They dance and hop with piercing shrieks
Hallowe’en is soon!

Others really like the dark.
A starless night brings fear.
The witches are a-stir at last,
Hallowe’en is here!

People like a barbecue.
a picnic out at night.
For that, it’s better if the moon
is clear and shining bright.

Children do stay near your friends.
A witch might come and make you
fly forever off with them
a witch might come and take you!

2 (Three nights before) Hallowe’en

Halloween will soon be here,
that is the Witches’ night.
Do make sure you are tucked up
and shut the windows tight!

They can spot you anyway
wherever you may be,
whether near or from afar,
it’s you they want and see!

They want you for their victim,
who knows what they will do?
After snatching you away
what will they do to you?

So do not wander out alone
and do not stay out late.
If you do, I dare not think
of what might be your fate!

3 (Two nights before) Hallowe’en
A stir in the darkness
as soon as it’s night,
the Witches brew potion
until it’s first light!

A potion for mischief
a cauldron, a pan,
a potion for harm
if only they can!

What they are plotting,
you’d rather not know.
You cannot prevent it
stay safe, and lie low!

Stay safe in your home
the windows locked tight.
Don’t venture outside
it’s near Hallowe’en night!

Hallowe’en Eve

You’d better go home early.
Be careful, don’t be late.
The witches have begun to talk,
it’s you they do debate!

“If this person is a girl,”
that is what they say
“invite her to come dance with us,
we’ll take her anyway!”

“If this person is a boy,
we’ll sacrifice him now!
We won’t discuss the details
but we’ll do it anyhow!”

For witches do things as they like,
they do them in their way.
Make sure you’re home, that’s my advice
before the close of day!


We witches like the darkness
of winter and the night.
We do not like the sunshine
or its nasty, glaring, light!

That’s why we choose at Hallowe’en
to plot some witches’ fun!
Whatever you’re afraid of most,
that’s how our deeds are done!

We make your fears obsess you,
we see into your mind.
Your fears will grow and come alive
and it is you they’ll find!

They will be worse than what you thought.
You’ll moan and scream with pain.
And when it’s midnight with a moon,
we witches dance again!

So, if you’re tempted, come and look!
We might stretch out a hand.
But once you’re ours, with us you’ll stay
a witch, one of our band!

If you would like to listen to the audio, – copyright to me -, press here

I hope you enjoy it…

Published by Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore

After many years working as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, I became an author. My years as a mother and grandmother gave me plenty of practice telling children stories. I have become very interested in dinosaurs and animals, and I really enjoy rhymes and riddles!

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