A Seaside Song

Hello! Yes, it’s time for my blog! (I had forgotten about it, but fortunately someone reminded me!)  The sea and the oceans have been much in my mind. Partly, because my next book is RIDDLES FROM THE SEA, partly because I have been working on an activity called Why the Oceans are Important to go with this book of riddles, and partly because the sun is out, restrictions may be coming to an end, and people are thinking of their holidays, and for many that means a trip to the sea!

We’ve been cooped up in lockdown
not doing very much.
Working, maybe, if we can,
not having fun as such.

A time of loneliness, perhaps,
or a spat in a shared flat,
but now let’s think of other things
at least, that’s where I’m at!

I ’m going to plan my holiday
I’m going to the sea.
Will I find romance and love?
Someone just for me?

Holidays and oceans
Seas, blue sky above.
I may find the seaside
But will I find my love?

So if you feel stuck down in the dumps
just think what you could do.
Go to the seaside, swim, sail or surf,
life’s waiting there for you!

Published by Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore

After many years working as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, I became an author. My years as a mother and grandmother gave me plenty of practice telling children stories. I have become very interested in dinosaurs and animals, and I really enjoy rhymes and riddles!

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