Noah’s Ark…

Hello everyone,

It has been a bit too wet in many places, and my heart goes out to those who have flooding and the cold to deal with, as well as COVID. I am sure you know this story, and it does have a happy ending. I hope you like my version (which has been authenticated).

I am trying to improve my computer skills, with the aim of putting up a new blog and story every two weeks. So watch this space!

Noah’s Ark

The Lord Almighty made the earth
and everything thereon.
But men and women were so bad
He wished His work was gone.

The Lord had trained me from a child.
I made tools for our lands:
a plough, a scythe and then a hoe
before, they used their hands.

I, my wife and family
were all He chose to save
He came and told us what to do
to live on flood and wave.

“Go read the book of sapphire stones,
use pitch and gopher wood.
Do as I say, and you will build
the very Ark you should!”

He told me what the size should be
how many stories high,
where the windows ought to go
“Take care the Flood is nigh!

Be brave, all life will not be lost
that’s what the Ark is for.
Take food for all the birds and beasts
you’ll not find any more.”

I should have asked our Lord to save
my friends and everyone.
I didn’t and I set to work
until my task was done.

The wind got up, the rain came down.
We hurried, two by two
inside the boat which lifted off
and floated as boats do!

I tell a lie, I didn’t rush
until my knees were wet.
Hot rain poured on the sinners’ heads,
their screams I’ll not forget!

Forty days and forty nights
the rain came pouring still.
The mountains were below us now,
most of us were ill.

I had to work though I was sick
the feeding took all day.
Some animals ate best at night,
they each lived their own way.

Apart from us, all life had died.
The water drowned it all
Some twelve months passed, the Lord was kind
and made the waters fall.

The Covenant He’d made with us
He kept, it rained no more.
The waters dropped, the boat touched land
‘twas Ararat we saw!

Another forty days went past
I sent two birds to fly
and find a peaceful resting place,
if there was one nearby!

They both returned. The waters dropped,
I thought I’d try again.
My dove brought back an olive leaf,
we all were happy then.

A further time, the dove flew out
and left our boat for good.
The earth was back but boggy though,
we’d leave too when we could!

A lovely rainbow arched the sky
the Covenant, a sign
the Lord would never flood again
His world, that’s yours and mine!

Published by Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore

After many years working as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, I became an author. My years as a mother and grandmother gave me plenty of practice telling children stories. I have become very interested in dinosaurs and animals, and I really enjoy rhymes and riddles!

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