Something you don’t know about Snow White

In some ways, it seems to me that Covid-19 is like a monster. Many of us are afraid of it and it has certainly changed our behaviour. A lot of us miss something from our previous lives, and some of us miss a lot of things. Do let me know if there is something you are really missing. I miss my skating, so today’s blog is a skating story.

Something you don’t know about Snow White

Snow White loved her mother. When she was ill, she went to her mother’s chamber as much as she could. Sometimes they sat together quietly, and sometimes they talked.

One afternoon, her mother said, “You should know that I was born a Fairy. But I had

to give that up when I married your father, the King. I loved him very much. Then the

Fairy Queen said to me “You will be human. But if you have a daughter, you may

grant her one wish.  My dear daughter, is there anything that you wish for?”

Snow White thought a moment. Then she said, “I wish that we could be together


Snow White loved her mother. When she was ill, she went to her mother’s chamber as much as she could. Sometimes they sat together quietly, and sometimes they talked.

“Ah,” her mother said, sadly. “For humans, nothing is forever.”

Snow White was quiet. Then she said, “I wish that I could skate as I do in my dreams… I skate so fast, and twirl and spin. And jump so high. Sometimes, I even jump and twirl at the same time.  The funny thing is, in my dreams we go to your Magic Mountain with the moat round it where the ice is always smooth and I dance, skating in turn with all the Seven Dwarves…”

Later, as you know, Snow White went to live with the Seven Dwarves because the

Castle was no longer safe for her. When she arrived, she knocked on the cottage

door even though it was open. There was no-one there. “They must have gone to dig

and delve in the Mountain,” said Snow White. “I shall tidy up.” And so she did. What

a job! Seven pairs of dirty socks, seven pairs of slippers, seven pairs of pyjamas,

and so it went on!  Then she looked in the kitchen, and tidied up there too…

Snow White was quite tired by the end of it, sat down in a chair and went to sleep.

While she was sleeping, the dwarves came home. They had names later, but not till

Walt Disney was born.  Snow White came before Walt Disney.

 “Yo ho,” said No 1, “this is our Queen’s daughter. Doesn’t she look like her?”

“Just like her.” said No 2.

“Hope she doesn’t want her Mountain back.” said No 3.

“Why should she?” said No 4.

“We promised to be her friend for ever and ever.” said No 5.

“We haven’t started yet” said No 6.

“Don’t talk so much,” said No 7, “you’ll wake her up.”

You see the cottage rule was that if one dwarf said something, all the other dwarves

had to have their turn. This meant that conversations took a very long time. Then

Snow White woke up. “Hello” said the Seven Dwarves, all at once (fortunately).

“Welcome to our cottage.”

Snow White smiled. “Well I’m glad I’m welcome,” she said. “Because I can’t stay at

the Palace with the New Queen.   My mother said you were all our friends. Can I

stay here?”

“Of course,” said No 1.

“Can you dig and delve?” said No 2.  Snow White said nothing.

“You’ll have to do something,” said No 3, “if you can’t dig and delve.”

“I can sing and do the accounts” said Snow White. “And I’m always ready to help.”

“Can I sit next to you?” said No 4.

“I want to sit on the other side,” said No 5.

“We’re all tidy,” said No 6, “and if you don’t come to the mountain you must see to the house”.

 “Never take food from strangers” said No 7.

So Snow White lived with the seven Dwarves and they were very happy, though she

did find it difficult speaking with all 7 of them in turn.

One morning, they all said at once “It’s time to get up”. Snow White got up. Then she

said, “It’s my birthday”.

“Oh, in that case,” said the Seven Dwarves together, “what would you like for a present?”

“Well,” said Snow White. “Can we go skating round the magic Mountain?”

No 1 said, “I love skating.”

No. 2 said, “It’s time we had a day off.”

No 3 said, “It’s Snow White’s birthday, and she should have what she wants.”

No 4 said, “Whether she wants it or not, we all want to go.”

No 5 said, “I agree.”

No 6 said, “I’ll bring the birthday cake.”

No 7 didn’t say anything, but he sang the Seven Dwarves favourite song. “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to skate we go…..”

It was not long before the Seven Dwarves and Snow White set off with their skates

for the Magic Mountain.  Snow White had never been there before. When they

arrived, it was so beautiful. The sky was blue, and the ice was clean, safe, and

waiting for them. Soon they were whizzing about, twirling, and jumping, and

spinning. And Snow White danced with them all in turn.  Just as she had in her

dreams…… She thought of her mother, and felt sad. 

“No, no,” said her mother. “Don’t be sad. I am here with you. This is your wish that you were granted through me.  And always, always, skate with joy.”

Published by Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore

After many years working as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, I became an author. My years as a mother and grandmother gave me plenty of practice telling children stories. I have become very interested in dinosaurs and animals, and I really enjoy rhymes and riddles!

2 thoughts on “Something you don’t know about Snow White

  1. I am sure you do miss your music…… and also the contact you have with your public and with your teacher. I do hope you are at least able to have singing lessons on line? (but it is not the same…..) Good luck, Charlotte


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